Shopping Cart Website Features

Full Featured Shopping Cart

From product selection to cart to check-out to payment to order tracking, your website will be able to handle a sale from beginning to end for your existing customers as well as new customers. Customers may add items to their cart directly from a section’s item list or from an individual item’s detail listing. Your site will only allow entry of quantities that match the selling units for the product.

Detailed Product Information

Detailed product information and professional photos are displayed for all stock products. Fast access to product information promotes quicker buying decisions!

No Product Maintenance

As new items are introduced to your line, they will automatically appear on your site without any maintenance by you! Your site will always be up to date with the newest offerings!

Add Your Own Custom Items by Customer

You may define and your customers may order custom items from your site. Once you have set up the item for your customer, they may order it directly from your site. You will receive an e-mail showing their order complete with their purchase order if they choose to use one any special instructions or comments your customer may have for the item.

Search Capabilities

An easy to use Search Feature makes it fast for your customers to find what they are looking for. Your customers may also search for products with the product index and shop by category features. Customers need only to click on the topic/section they are interested in to view selections.

Catalog Page Viewer

Your customers will certainly be impressed with your online catalog viewer. By either using the navigation bars or by simply "flipping the page" (by clicking on the corner of the page), your customer will be able to view your full catalog online! It is not only a great way to display your offerings - it's fun too! Due to the expense of this feature, you typically only see this option on the largest web company's sites and now on yours!

Flexible Pricing Options Defined by Item and/or by Individual Customer

Have the best of all worlds! You determine if you want to have fixed pricing (determined by you) or custom pricing by individual customer or a combination of both! Flexible pricing options allow you to sell your current customers at the price, sales tax and freight parameters you establish while still being able to offer fixed pricing, tax and freight to the prospects who visit your site. No more hassle keeping up with price changes. As your cost changes – so does your web pricing making it easy to maintain margins. Your site will allow you to sell below your cost if you wish but will give you a warning before that pricing updates. You also will be able to print reports showing customer specific pricing if you have used this optional feature.

You Determine How Much Maintenance You Care to Do

Our websites were designed to be maintenance free. You may opt to never make any changes once set up! You may set one level of pricing that applies to every customer or you can establish pricing by individual customer. Once set, prices will automatically adjust as your cost changes! And, as new items are added to the line, your customer will have immediate access to pricing without any effort on your part. The pricing levels you have previously established will apply!

Freight Estimating

Your customer will receive a freight estimate online for their shipment. You have options on what or if you would like to charge customers for freight. This can be determined by $ value of order or choose always/never to charge. You also will have the flexibility of marking up a % on freight charges. Your customer will choose from UPS, Local Truck Delivery or Best Way Carrier. Customer will only be shown freight options that are applicable to their order based on items ordered and ship-to location.

Sales Tax Collection

Sales Tax collection responsibilities vary from State to State and sometimes by County or Zip. Please consult with your accountant or other professional for information on your tax collecting obligations. Websites have options to collect by State, County or Zip Code as well as the ability to define individual customers as tax exempt. Tax exempt customers also are given the opportunity at checkout to change the tax status on individual items purchased for their use. There even is a program that will allow you to upload tax rates by zip code.

Payment Options

You may accept payment for your web sales via credit card and/or open account. If you do not currently accept credit cards – we will gladly guide you through the process! You can define payment by your site or by individual customers. For example you may want to set your site up to accept credit cards from new customers and set established customers up with terms.

You Control Releasing Orders for Shipment

You are always in control! You choose whether to accept orders, release orders for shipment and/or have orders ship automatically. Full activity reporting insures makes keeping track of all your transactions a breeze. Reports are available to view on line and for print. End of the business day reminders will automatically be sent to you if there are open unprocessed orders or invoices in the back office administration section your website.

Modify or Cancel Orders Online

You will have the ability to modify and cancel orders on line until they are in the process of shipping in our warehouse.

Automatic Order Acknowledgement Option

You have the option to send out automatic e-mail order acknowledgements to your customers when they place orders on your website. These acknowledgements repeat the details of their order. Many customers like to have this acknowledgement as a confirmation that their order has been received and their order is accurate.

State of the Art Site Security

Be confident your new website will be secure with SSL 256 bit Encryption Security! Our sites are also protected by McAfee Secure.

Easy Set-up

Setting up your website is very simple! Basically the following is required:

1. Provide your domain name.
2. Determine the payments types you will accept.
3. Choose options of how you would like incoming orders to be released for shipment.
4. Choose if you would like order acknowledgements sent to your customer.
5. Enter your pricing, freight and tax parameters.
6. Provide your Web Contact Information.
7. Choose the web template you wish you use.
8. Choose the header image you wish you use.

That’s it! After these few simple steps – you will be in the e-commerce business!

Fast Customer Mass Set-up

You have the option of uploading your customer list into the site to set-up all of your current customers! You will be given the option of sending all of your customers an e-mail with a randomly generated password to announce your site. Once logged in, your customer will be able to change this password.

Choice of Website Templates

We have 8 templates for you to choose from. You may change templates as often as you wish!

Change your Website Header

Website headers may be changed as often as you wish by uploading a new image file. This image file must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and must be 960 pixels wide x 85 pixels tall and have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi.

Customizable Website Pages

Your website will start out with generic (default) pre-scripted pages on the following topics: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and FAQ. You will have the option to customize these to read what ever you like or keep the default! These also can be updated as often as you wish!

Full Data Reporting

There are many reports you will be able to run once you have data on your site. You will also have the option of entering a salesman number or other identifying number to individual customers to make tracking sales by salesman or other criteria a snap.

E-mail Blast Information Upload

To order off of your site, customers will be required to enter their web addresses. There is a program that will add these e-mails to the e-mail blast software so you may advertise directly to your customers. This is a great way to keep your name in front of your customers! All advertising e-mails give your customers the option to unsubscribe.

Purchase Order Number Option

You have the option to add your own purchase order number to your order released to BOX. This is not a requirement from BOX; this is for your record keeping only.

Tracking Numbers Provided

Freight tracking numbers for carrier and ups orders will appear on the “to be invoiced” and the “completed order” areas of your back office. Your invoices from BOX will display the web order number for orders from your shopping cart website for easy matching.

Add Meta Tags

You can add Meta Tags to your site to use for search engine optimization.

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