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3M Safety Glasses

Tour-Guard V Protective Eyewear

An economical choice when you need safety glasses for visitors.
OCS1631 - Tour-Guard V Protective Eyewear - 3M Part Number TGV01-100

Virtua Clear Temples Protective Eyewear

Lightweight glasses combine style, protection and affordability.
OCS1640 - Virtua Clear Temples - 3M Part Number 11326

Virtua AP Clear Protective Eyewear

Excellent protection and sports-inspired styling with a sleek, contemporary design.
OCS1646 - Virtua AP - 3M Part Number 11819

Chemical Splash Goggles

Dependable, fully compliant splash protection that fits over most glasses.
OCS1635 - Chemical Splash Goggles - 3M Part Number 334
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