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TAPE LOGIC<span class='afterCapital'><span class='rtm'>®</span></span> #400 Acrylic Tape
TAPE LOGIC® #400 Acrylic Tape
Acrylic tape is best for long term storage when shelf life is important.
  • Clear Acrylic tape retains its clarity over long periods of time. Clear tape will not yellow over time.
  • Consistent, smooth release.
  • Strong adhesive grips well to recycled corrugated.
  • Application temperature range 32° - 140° F.
  • Meets UPS and U.S. postal regulations.
  • Carton Sealing Tape Dispensers

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Tape Logic® #400 Industrial Tape
W x LMilColorRolls
Per Case
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2" x 55 yds.2Clear18
2" x 55 yds.Clear12
2" x 55 yds.Clear36
2" x 55 yds.Clear6
2" x 55 yds.Tan36
2" x 55 yds.Tan6
2" x 110 yds.Clear36
2" x 110 yds.Clear6
2" x 110 yds.Tan36
2" x 110 yds.Tan6
2" x 220 yds.Clear36
3" x 110 yds.Clear24
3" x 110 yds.Clear6
3" x 110 yds.Tan24
3" x 110 yds.Tan6
4" x 72 yds.Clear18
4" x 72 yds.Clear6
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