The moment you become a BOX Distribution Partner, you instantly add more than 1 million square feet of virtual warehouse space to your business. Your total investment? Zero dollars.

When it's time to ship your order, we always make it easy as possible. Need a single case shipped across town? No problem. Sending a full truckload across the country? We've got you covered. We can drop ship your order to you, or directly to your customer. No matter where, when or how we're shipping, you will always have the confidence that your order will be on time, every time.


Sustainability matters. It's just that simple. It matters to the planet first and foremost. We all want to use less energy, produce less waste and use more recycled materials. We all want to do our part to make the world a safer and healthier place to live for everyone.

It matters to you and your customers. Because companies of all sizes and consumers around the globe are demanding their suppliers incorporate sustainability into their supply chains, their operations and their product lines. People want to do business with companies who are making an effort to go cleaner and greener.

At BOX, we're leading the way in the packaging industry by offering environmentally friendly products and making commitments to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. And we invite you, our customers to come along. Because what we do affects you. And our sustainability efforts are your sustainability efforts, too.

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