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Tape Logic<span class='rtm'>®</span> - Individual Strips
Tape Logic® - Individual Strips
Great for hanging everything from signs, posters and displays to tools.
  • Touch fastener closure system - when the two sides are touched, hundreds of hooks interlock with hundreds of loops to create a secure bond.
  • When pulled apart, the hook straightens out and releases from the loop.
  • Rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive for both high and low temperature environments.
  • Hook and Loop sold separately.
  • Weather resistant.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Color Preview
Tape Logic® - Individual Strips
W x LDescriptionColor
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1/2" x 75'Hook
1/2" x 75'Loop
5/8" x 75'Hook
5/8" x 75'Loop
3/4" x 75'Hook
3/4" x 75'Loop
1" x 75'Hook
1" x 75'Loop
1 1/2" x 75'Hook
1 1/2" x 75'Loop
2" x 75'Hook
2" x 75'Loop
4" x 75'Hook
4" x 75'Loop
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