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Instapak Quick<span class='rtm'>®</span>
Instapak Quick®
Foam in a Bag System.
  • Easy to use, protective foam cushions in an instant!
  • Chemicals are activated in the bag so no clean up is required.
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized packaging operations looking for the superior cushioning properties of Instapak® foam without a large up-front investment.
  • Compact tabletop warmer requires limited counter space.
  • Extra thick bags (#60) contain 25% more foam for extra protection.
  • An innovative Sealed Air solution.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
per Case
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15 x 18" Expandable Foam48
15 x 18" Expandable Foam240
18 x 18" Expandable Foam42
18 x 18" Expandable Foam210
18 x 24" Expandable Foam36
18 x 24" Expandable Foam180
18 x 24" Extra Thick Expandable Foam30
18 x 24" Extra Thick Expandable Foam150
22 x 27" Expandable Foam30
22 x 27" Expandable Foam120
15 Bag Instapak Quick® Foam Warmer Unit1
31 Bag Instapak Quick® Foam Warmer Unit1
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